Toshiba Self Checkout.

The innovative solution that helps speed up the checkout process and deliver the fastest ROI of any equipment in your supermarket today.

Today’s consumers expect a seamless checkout experience, which is why STCR specializes in offering a variety of Toshiba self-checkout options to help maximize your front-end experience.

Benefits of Toshiba Self Checkout:

  • Ensures a faster checkout process
  • Frees up valuable floor space
  • Ability to offer cash and cashless options
  • Improves cash management and offer real investment protection
  • Flexible software for easy reconfiguration and extended functionality
  • Consumer driven ergonomic design and highly intuitive user interface
  • Unique, modular platform with separate scanning, payment and bagging units —including 1 bag, 2 bag, 3 bag and carousel modules
  • Modular, modern design with three form factors, provides flexibility and customization options
  • Monitor and manage vital lane operations data from a mobile application
  • Optimize throughput and reduce interventions by interpreting shopper behavior and self-correcting common mistakes
  • Customer-guiding features include LED lighting, audio indicators, scan-to-bag placement and accessibility mode options for ease-of-use
  • Centralized enterprise reporting and remote monitoring intuitively  manages self-checkout lanes

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