Can’t-Miss Convenience Store Technology.

Your convenience store or gas station is nothing without a convenient check out solution and easy-to-manage inventory system, which is why STCR offers a full suite of c-store POS technology — in addition to kiosks, electronic shelf labels and fuel pump interface systems.

Featured Solutions:

LOC SMS Fuel Management

A fully integrated system that allows management of fuel transactions, controlling all gas pumps from any designated in-store.

    • Integrated pump control within the POS system
    • Totally stand-alone operation
    • Complete gas inventory control

Toshiba Pro-X Kiosk

Create the ultimate POS experience with a self-service kiosk designed to generate swift sales and maximize
your profit margins.

  • Dual self checkout/cashier functionality
  • Space efficient countertop design
  • Easy to use interface & touchpoints

SES-Imagotag ESLs

Better manage pricing and inventory using the latest in electronic shelf label technology.

  • Pricing automations and intelligence
  • Automated pick and replenishment
  • Shelf monitoring and out of stock alerts

Check Out Our Other Convenience Store Solutions:

  • Toshiba Self Checkout
  • Toshiba Registers
  • Loyalty
  • Key Tender Types (EBT, EFT, Fleet Cards, etc.)
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Centralization/ Cloud Hosting