More Than Just a POS Company
Selling You Tech.

STCR isn’t just leader in the world of retail systems technology, we are the people behind smarter retail tech — delivering real solutions supported by real people.

Since our founding in 1967, STCR has developed a reputation for exceptional customer service and expertise in retail control systems. Grocers don’t always have the time or resources to support their businesses with the latest technology, so STCR’s function is to implement comprehensive and cutting-edge grocery technology solutions for the modern retailer. STCR’s decades of experience working with grocers, specialty food stores, ethnic food stores, natural/organic grocers and food co-ops has enabled us to understand the unique needs and challenges faced by clients of all sizes and specialties.

But what makes us truly special is the people behind our unparalleled support structure.

STCR Partners

STCR offers POS systems – hardware, software, accessories and peripherals – through our premier business partnerships with Toshiba and LOC, as well as a number of other best in breed technology solution providers.

See What They’re Saying About STCR

“When we first started this project, all stores were working independently, so there was a lot of data cleanup that had to happen. We got STCR involved, and the team was able to create imports and help us standardize our enterprise data. We collaborated with STCR several times a week. It was a team effort all the way.”

Joe Parisi

President and COO of New York Food Group

“Having a point of sale system that efficiently handles our unique needs is vital; STCR has been a sounding board when it comes to looking at technology and how best to integrate a complete solution.”

Madelyn Cataford

Director of Finance and IT, City Market

“Meeting with the team at STCR did not feel like a sales pitch, but a business consultant and industry partner. They did not just say yes to everything; we scoped out what our goals are now, and in the future, and only then did the STCR team come back with a project plan that made sense.”

Jon Klinshaw

Managing Partner at Rastelli Market Fresh


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