Is Self-Checkout The Future of In-Person Shopping?

As more grocers make the switch to favoring self-service checkout in their stores, it’s becoming clear that customer-operated technology is the future of in-store shopping. Consumers want convenience online and in-store, and self-service checkout provides a viable solution to those growing needs. Global chain Dollar General, for example, is testing stores without staffed checkout counters in 200 of their locations. The efforts come at a time of rising costs and changing customer expectations and priorities. 

Rather than focusing on opening new store locations to maximize profits, the discount chain decided to invest in automation. Associates in stores participating in the new checkout initiative will still assist shoppers at checkout but will be able to concentrate on other tasks that can better boost store efficiency.

So, why are more stores making the switch to self-checkout only? With the right technology, self-service is faster and more appealing to their customers. Waiting in a checkout line is one of the biggest pain points within a physical store. When in a long line, 65% of shoppers will head toward a self-checkout line, and 11% will abandon their carts altogether. 

In short, the success of your physical store depends on your self-service options. Not only do 73% of shoppers favor self-checkout, but 85% believe it’s fasters than cashier-guided options. And over the years, self-service checkout options have evolved to provide the most convenient options for consumers. From scan & go to smart carts and contactless checkout, grocers can use technology to make a shopper’s journey seamless from start to finish.

If your store hasn’t already invested in self-service technology, what are you waiting for? Whether you’re seeking a more traditional self-checkout system or a more autonomous solution like smart carts, the team at STCR can find you the right technology and help you get up and running in no time. Get in touch with us to see how we can help your grocery store thrive!