POS Applications.

All-in-one solutions — LOC SMS and Toshiba Ace & Elera — for real time retail management.

From point of sale to back office to central host, LOC SMS and Toshiba ACE & Elera offer store management solutions you need to run your business in an integrated and efficient way.

Special Features of Toshiba ACE & Elera:

Toshiba’s total solutions accelerate the future of Grocery by providing flexibility, scalability, and innovation.

  • Rock solid reliability and unparallel uptime to ensure your grocery store is running optimally at all times
  • New-to-market microservices architecture, allowing you the expand the application to meet the changing needs of your shoppers
  • Enhanced features including loyalty, produce recognition, end to end encryption and much, much more.

Special Features of LOC SMS:

  • POS
  • Complete buying process
  • Computer assisted ordering
  • DSD
  • Native label & signs
  • Vendor catalog
  • Scale management
  • Price optimization
  • Forecasting

Benefits of SMS for Loyalty:

  • Single, unified database design
  • Aligns POS to back office to host
  • Provides seamless data flow in all directions, even across stores
  • Information available anywhere, interaction is delivered where it makes the most sense
  • Precision marketing and powerful promotion engine can specifically target your customers
  • Advanced promotions
  • Anonymous and card based, targeted offers

Benefits of SMS for E-Commerce and Consumer Mobile:

  • Aligns in store, online and mobile transactions
  • Loyalty seamlessly woven between web and store
  • Data flows naturally and in real time
  • Utilized on any device or operating system

Benefits of SMS as a Host:

  • Harness transactional and operational data from one central location
  • Controlled itemized maintenance leveraged across your stores
  • Consolidated reporting data analytics
  • Centralized loyalty and promotion engine
  • Centralized shrink control loss prevention

Benefits of SMS for eCare:

  • Customer segmentation
  • Analyze spend habits by key performance indicators
  • Targeted offers based on custom criteria
  • Analyze the results

Benefits of SMS as an eSuite:

  • Dynamic reporting — fewer reports, more data
  • Exposing the data that makes sense when and where you need it

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