Self-Checkout Deployment and Use to Continue to Grow Substantially

Self-checkout technology is not new in the grocery industry, but it is becoming more prevalent as an option for shopping convenience and safety. Industry experts forecast a massive growth of the technology due largely to shopper comfort and familiarity that grew out of the self-checkout experience at leading grocery stores.

According to a recent study by Global Market Insights, trends aimed at simplifying the in-store shopping experience are driving growth that would double the market for self-service technology over the next six years. And, this growth is more than at the checkout lane. More industries and retailers are embracing self-service shopping. Shoppers today can scan and pay for their purchases at hardware stores, sporting goods stores, and more. As comfort with self-checkout continues to grow, grocers will be able to double down on their investment, saving more on personnel costs and reducing scanning errors. 

The report also touches on the COVID-19 pandemic’s role as a driving force in self-checkout adoption. Today, 87% of shoppers would prefer using touchless or self-checkout options.

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