How To Upgrade In-Store Shopping With Grocery Technology

As the holiday shopping season approaches, grocers are continuing to invest in retail technology to streamline the in-store shopping experience for their customers. Though grocers aren’t necessarily ready to completely overhaul their in-person store just yet, they are utilizing grocery technology to make subtle upgrades to their shopping aisles to offer convenience to their customers.


Grocery technology can make in-person shopping easier by providing digital kiosks where customers can ask for help. With digital touchpoints, retailers are able to infuse technology into their center aisles as a way to boost customer service and shopping efficiency. Larger retailers are even encouraging their shoppers to download their company app to navigate store aisles and products. These smart solutions are often solving a problem a customer might not have even known they’ve had, leading to overall satisfaction and buyer loyalty in the long term.


In 2020, self-checkout installations surged by 25%.

A report by PYMNTS and Toshiba showed that 30% of grocery customers used self-checkout for their most recent shopping trip. Now, grocers are taking this approach to the next level. In an effort to minimize the need to wait in line at a conventional checkout counter, grocers are deploying mobile self-checkout solutions. The technology allows shoppers to use their mobile devices to scan the product QR code and add them to their virtual basket. This approach not only helps create a more immersive in-store shopping experience but also improves overall customer service and satisfaction. 


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