Bringing Digital Experiences to Shoppers’ Carts

A successful omnichannel strategy adopts new technologies that deliver value to shoppers by making online sales seem more like in-store shopping while bringing the digital world to the aisles. Smart shopping carts are the latest innovation to bring the power of digital to the in-store shopping experience, using computer vision, data analytics and cashier-free technology to engage and inform shoppers and deliver a fast and convenient way to shop. 

Smart carts use onboard sensors or scanners to identify products selected by a shopper. The carts provide shoppers with a view of their shopping list and running total, and some feature coupon scanners to apply savings during a shopping trip. The digital experience using a smart cart also can strengthen loyalty by integrating targeted promotions and recommendations.

In addition to detecting items placed in the cart by shoppers, smart carts can also allow customers to pay by simply using an app or built-in payment card reader. 

The technology does more than just enhance the shopping experience and speed the checkout process; it can drive greater profits. A recent survey showed that shoppers using the smart cart technology increase their basket sizes by 10%. The technology’s accuracy is above 99%, thanks to advances in computer vision technology and the use of different camera angles. And, 87% of shoppers are looking for more autonomous shopping options, such as touchless or feature-rich self-checkout.

Smart cart technology is the next big thing in grocery technology. STCR delivers the best omnichannel shopping technology, so your shoppers have great experiences and come back for more. Learn more about STCR’s smart retail solutions that make the foundation of a winning, forward-thinking grocery technology strategy.