Shoppers Embracing Pickup, Even as Pandemic End Nears

2020 saw more shoppers using alternative ways to buy and receive groceries. Grocery delivery experienced a surge during the earlier parts of the pandemic, but, according to a recent e-commerce industry report, buying online and picking up is growing in popularity.

Early 2021 sales figures and data for the grocery industry show grocery pickup capturing nearly half of all online sales. Pickups have grown 5 percent from January to February 2021, as shoppers experience the convenience of selecting items online, confirming item availability, and picking up their purchases while out and about. 

The large number of vaccinations and decline trend in daily new cases have made shoppers more comfortable with venturing out for errands, such as grocery pickup. For grocery stores wondering how they can best face post-pandemic challenges, offering a “click-and-collect” option can attract and engage shoppers. Large stores are expanding pickup availability – both at the store and in convenience-boosting enhancements such as pickup lockers. But, the technology is not out of reach for smaller grocers. Today, the question is not “should we offer pickup” but “which solution should we use for our shoppers.”

Today’s retail solutions provide a strong foundation for both in-store shopping and e-commerce and help a grocery store deliver a consistent shopping experience. Retail solutions are key to building a shopping environment that is informative, helpful, intuitive, and convenient. They can provide grocers with tools to enhance grocery pickup by integrating scheduling and providing clear information for employees.

STCR helps retailers of all sizes leverage technologies, like those that support “click-and-collect” shopping. It all starts with the right retail solution. Learn more about how STCR provides retail solutions that increase profit margins and best prepare grocers for future success.