Grocery industry set to see omnichannel shopping demand grow in 2021

Retailers can find a competitive advantage by building a robust omnichannel shopping experience. Today’s shoppers are looking for convenience, multiple shopping options, value, and service. Omnichannel delivers these features and more, and also provides tools for grocers to quickly identify customer needs and preferences and meet them in the moment.

In 2021, more grocers will leverage technology to provide a seamless shopping experience that meets customers wherever they are, according to a recent article. Increased customer use of online shopping and BOPIS (Buy Online, Pickup in Store) is part of the reason for the increased need for omnichannel shopping, but stores also benefit from knowing more about their customers and their sales, through data. The best shopping experience is informed by consumer behavior, which can be easily obtained through loyalty programs that are a key component to omnichannel retail success.

Online shopping. Data analytics. Inventory management. Loyalty programs. These are all pieces of the omnichannel shopping experience that shoppers demand today. But, to deliver a seamless shopping experience for all customers, grocery stores need to have the right technology. A true retail solution leverages not only new innovations, but also maximizes the value of your existing technology and builds the foundation of the continued evolution of grocery. 

STCR has the technology, expertise and commitment to customer service that grocers need to meet shoppers’ needs. Learn more about how our retail solutions deliver an omnichannel shopping experience that increases profit opportunities from the checkout lane to a shopper’s smartphone and beyond.