Tech Roundup: 3 Takeaways from the UNFI Expo

Last week, STCR’s Farrell McKenna and Colin Delaney attended the UNFI Conventional Expo Show in Minneapolis. Here’s a roundup of the latest in grocery store innovations from that show that grocers everywhere should consider for your business. 


 continues to be top of mind for grocers throughout the nation. Utilizing this popular technology is a sound strategy for appeasing the increased need for convenience and speed. But the technology is also a helpful way to combat labor shortages while also helping give grocery associates more productive store management tasks.

For stores that already have self-checkout, adding additional SCO lanes is becoming a priority. Having more self-checkout options helps drive more business and increase ROI.


Since the pandemic, e-commerce shopping has become a popular way for consumers to stock up on groceries. And while more shoppers are utilizing hybrid shopping methods, e-commerce solutions are still essential for grocers to have. 

recent report noted that online shoppers spend one-and-a-half times more on groceries than their in-store counterparts but are not loyal to just one store. However, 91% of customers are more likely to shop with stores that send personalized shopping recommendations. This is why offering loyalty programs with personalized recommendations and offers is crucial to retaining repeat customers. 


Grocers across the country are facing labor shortages, forcing grocers to rely on technology to help fill the staffing gap. Outside of having self-checkout, electronic shelf tags can also help save on labor costs since they take less work to maintain. Digital price displays can also be used to facilitate dynamic pricing, which is a big plus for grocers.

More than anything else, having the availability of service and high quality from retail technology providers is increasingly important. These areas are where STCR focuses on providing value to our clients each and every day. We are immersed in the ever-changing grocery landscape and can give you expert advice on how to elevate your store. Request a demo to get started!