STCR Announces Partnership with Cust2Mate: A Smart Cart Technology Company

STCR, the NY-based provider of retail technology solutions to grocery retailers across the globe, announced its partnership with A2Z Smart Technologies Corp. to facilitate the adoption and implementation of Cust2Mate Smart Carts. The partnership will bring this state-of-the-art automation technology to grocers across the US and Caribbean.


Shoppers are looking for ways to move through grocery stores as quickly as possible, and smart cart technology makes that easier than ever. Cust2Mate’s smart carts offer a contactless and convenient experience by recognizing purchased items and allowing in-cart payment. Each cart is equipped with a fixed and hand-held scanner so customers can independently check out and avoid long lines. The platform also helps customers access in-store promotions and discounts while collecting valuable data to help operations and inventory management.

Smart carts offer benefits to both the shopper and the retailer. Not only does the technology help save labor on the front-end, but it can also influence shoppers to stock up on more items during their next grocery store visit. Research shows customers who use smart carts increase their basket sizes by 10%.

When it comes to backend operations, grocers can use valuable data collected from the carts to help inform inventory decisions and product demand. Another benefit is that the platform can help reduce shrinkage by using computer vision to identify every item in the cart.

Are you thinking about bringing Cust2Mate smart carts to your store? Let STCR help you throughout the process! Our technology experts can help you plan, train your team, and get set up in no time. Request a demo to get started!