Tap Into Shoppers’ New Year’s Resolutions With Grocery Technology

Every January, consumers kick off the new year by choosing a resolution that’s important to them. Oftentimes, that resolution ends up being health and wellness related. Whether it’s buying a gym membership or trying a new diet, shoppers are looking to better their lives and shopping habits. This puts grocers in a unique position to cater to these resolutions by offering incentives for healthy purchases and using shopper data to help your customers achieve their health-related goals.

Grocers are now adding new health-related incentives to their loyalty programs, including spotlights to products that comply with U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Food and Drug Administration and the American Heart Association guidelines. This includes products free of artificial flavors, sweeteners and colors that are low in fat and have minimal added sugars or sodium. 

One retailer in the Midwest is taking this concept to the next level by not only listing items that comply but also by tracking the percentage of healthy products a shopper buys. The data would then be included on their receipt and separate monthly reports so they can better track their progress toward their goals. The strategy proves to be an effective way to bring value back to the shopper by making customer data useful and easily digestible. 

Members of the program also receive health-related product promotions and rewards for making health-conscious purchases. Along with these loyalty perks, consumers are looking for opportunities to learn and participate in healthier habits. By producing videos and offering virtual cooking classes, shoppers can bring these healthy habits from the grocery store to their homes. Retailers who can make their videos shoppable have a further advantage of encouraging sales on specific products as well.


With omnichannel grocery technology, your store will be ready to offer seasonal promotions seamlessly. The professionals at STCR can help your grocery store implement a loyalty program that incentivizes healthy shopping habits in time for the new year. Learn how STCR can help optimize your store today.