Study Finds Consumers Still Prefer In-Store Grocery Shopping

Nearly nine in 10 households do most or all of their grocery shopping in person, a report finds. The study, which surveyed more than 1,000 U.S. adults, also concluded in-store shoppers visit more than one retailer to meet all their needs. Despite the surge of online shopping, consumers still want that brick-and-mortar store experience and will travel to multiple locations to get it. So, how can you get your customers to choose your store for all their needs? Understand what they want from grocers and make a plan to deliver.

Here are key takeaways from the survey:

With this data in mind, grocers can cater to these consumer demands with grocery technology solutions.


A sticking point for shoppers is product availability and freshness. When manually done, inventory management can make or break a customers’ shopping experience. Plus supply chain disruptions can wreak havoc on your inventory management. Not only can technology help prepare retailers for product disruptions and help stores manage what’s on the shelves, but these solutions can also help stores track product freshness. A bonus to utilizing technology is your employees will have more time to keep your store clean!

As indicated by the survey, consumers also want to be rewarded for their shopping efforts with personalized deals that can be redeemed in-store (and online). Having the best deals will keep your customers coming back for more, or even buying more during their trip. With retail software, you can seamlessly create loyalty programs and target specific customers with deals based on their buying preferences.

Without smart technology, your brick-and-mortar store is at risk of falling flat. Don’t get lost behind your competitors. Use STCR’s omnichannel solutions to make your store more shopper-friendly while also streamlining front and back-end operations. Request a demo today to get started!