Stores and Shoppers Benefit from QR Contactless Payment Options

Due to the pandemic, today’s consumers are increasingly looking for contact-free shopping convenience and safety. Online shopping has surged along with consumer enthusiasm for contactless payments — so grocers have a rare opportunity to embrace new technology and expand the reach of their brand and shopping experience, no matter their size.

One of the largest introductions to contactless payment within the last 12 months is the renewed use of QR codes. The resurgence of these 1990’s two-dimensional barcodes is partly due to their effectiveness as a means for safe, touch-free communication between businesses and their customers. QR codes have shown to be a quick fix for deploying contactless payment without requiring dedicated systems that are difficult and time-consuming to deploy and maintain. 

QR code payments are processed via the consumer’s smartphone and require no dedicated hardware, and can also be easily integrated into a retailer’s app. Utilizing the app for payments offers opportunities for increased revenue and customer loyalty as well. Having payment options and other retail elements such as promotional offers, coupons, seasonal/limited offer items, and more allows for a seamless and convenient customer experience. The consumer can see everything the retailer has to offer in one place and check out quickly and safely, leading to a much more likely return.

QR code contactless payments provide an example of consumer needs driving innovation and increasing adoption of new retail technologies. They also show the importance of having a solid foundation of technology for your grocery store. 

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