STCR Wrapped: Our Most Popular Blogs of 2022

2022 was another year that kept grocers on their toes. Between continued supply chain problems, inflation, and more, stores kept adapting to keep communities fed, making it important as ever to stay in the loop. Here’s a countdown of our most clicked blogs from this past year. 

10. Grocery Tech Roundup: Top Retail Innovations of 2021
The first blog on our list showed how important reflection is to our readers. The pandemic shaped the way many customers shopped in 2021, from online ordering, delivery, and pick-up to streamlined in-store purchasing. This blog recapped how retailers used technology to enhance the many facets of their stores – including their e-commerce shop, point of sale, and back office. 

9. The Future of Grocery Shopping is Frictionless
Retail technology is evolving faster than ever, but one thing is certain: the future of grocery shopping is frictionless. To keep up with increasing consumer demands, grocers clicked to see how they can utilize automation to achieve a frictionless grocery shopping environment for their customers.

8. Grocery Trends for 2023: What to Expect
Staying ahead of the curve is not only important in grocery stores, but it can also help reduce the effects of an ever-challenging supply chain. We were able to give our readers a consolidated place to see all the predictions for what’s to come in the next year.

7. Technologies That Help Grocery Stores Prevent Theft
0% loss prevention is a nearly impossible ideal to achieve for retail stores, so we’re not surprised our audience clicked to see how they can incorporate tech like smart cartsself-checkout, and integrated software to reduce shrink. 

6. How Grocery Technology is Supporting Sustainability Efforts
Sustainability practices are becoming more popular among consumers, and evidently our audience! We shared how grocery stores have the opportunity to support their shoppers’ values by incorporating new technology.

5. Electronic Shelf Labels: A Brief History
With Electronic Shelf Labels predicted to become a billion-dollar industry in the next few years, many of you wanted the run-down on what could become a major asset for many grocery stores. 

4. Recent Food Regulations Grocers Should Know About
In 2022, there were proposals and discussions that could affect WIC, FDA traceability regulations, and SNAP benefits. Grocers tuned in to this blog more than many others to see how they’d be affected by the potential changes. 
3. Bridging the Gap Between Physical and Digital Stores
After a rocky few years for in-person retail, customers began the return to grocery shopping. However, grocers realized they shouldn’t abandon digital platforms altogether. Using tech in-store can help enhance the shopping experience and online metrics provide valuable metrics to help keep up with inventory.

2. STCR Team on Plans for Growth and Change in Ownership
After seventeen successful years of owning the business, Brian Tuberman sold STCR to the Mangrove Equity Partners this summer. Though Tuberman remains involved as an advisor, Victor Vesnaver joined the team as the new STCR President & CEO.

1. 2 Ways Self-Checkout Technology is Advancing
Self-checkout tech had quite the year, so it’s no wonder why readers clicked this link the most in 2022. The checkout technology made quite the advancements, including computer vision cameras being added to help loss-prevention efforts and newly incorporated product recognition programs to streamline the process of buying produce, which is one of the biggest reasons shoppers skip self-checkout.  

One throughline in our blogs is the importance of data and how using tech can elevate grocers’ ability to gather shopper data and optimize their stores. We use our data on your click to see our audience’s priorities and interests. Thank you all for another year of staying on top of an ever-changing grocery landscape, we look forward to providing you with more innovation in 2023!