3 Ways Electronic Shelf Labels Can Boost Your Store Operations

Recent research by Google shows that when it comes to online versus in-store shopping, most consumers do not always prefer one over the other.

In fact, 73% of those in the study claim to be “channel-agnostic,” shopping in-store or online depending on their needs at the time. This statistic is a reminder of the importance of maintaining a consistent shopping experience across all channels, but it also highlights a big opportunity. Grocery stores can battle competition from large e-commerce giants by offering something in their stores that online-only retailers cannot: value-filled in-person digital engagement.  

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) provide a platform for informing customers while leveraging technology to improve store operations.


You know your shoppers already have their smartphones with them as they walk your aisles, but ESLs deliver immediate information to the last frontier of the retail landscape.

With the ability to add more information to the shelf than just unit pricing, you can grab a shopper’s attention when needed most.

Customers value their time, and while their attention can be grabbed with engaging in-store experiences, the ability to make an informed decision at the store shelf makes shopping easier and faster. 


With ESLs, stores can update prices everywhere from a central point. Price changes take seconds rather than the hours required when involving your in-store teams in manual price updates.

With their time freed up from this task, employees can focus on providing better customer service, further helping you stand apart from the competition.


ESL price updates ensure accuracy, unlike error-prone manual pricing. And, since ESL price changes happen instantly, there is less risk of discrepancies between online and in-store prices—a big sticking point with shoppers.

ESLs also help stores offer dynamic pricing to customers based on real-time pricing analytics tied to store inventory and other factors.

Looking to engage with your shoppers at the last frontier of shopper conversion? STCR’s retail solutions include the latest innovations in grocery technology, such as ESLs. 

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