STCR Team on Plans for Growth and Change in Ownership

After seventeen successful years of owning the business, Brian Tuberman has sold STCR to the Tampa-based private equity firm, Mangrove Equity Partners. Though Tuberman will remain involved as an advisor, Victor Vesnaver will join the team as the new STCR President & CEO. In an interview with Food Trade News, Tuberman, Vesnaver, and Mangrove Equity Partners liaison Andrew Winner talks about the acquisition and plans for growth.

When initially founded in 1967, STCR provided retail solutions to independent grocers in the Endwell, NY area. Over the years, the company expanded to serve grocers nationally and internationally with partnerships with major innovators like Toshiba and LOC Software. Now, STCR has a major focus on helping grocery retailers implement self-service technologies and data analytics solutions.

Mangrove Equity Partners, which works with primarily small-to-mid-sized businesses, saw a great opportunity to tap into a recession-resistant industry by partnering with STCR. Company culture was also a core decision factor when it came to the acquisition. 

“Brian has built an incredible team of people that are relentless in their efforts to provide quality service day in, and day out, while being a trusted solutions provider to their customers,” Andrew Winner told Food Trade News. “That was absolutely apparent as we reviewed STCR’s longstanding customer relationships, many of which date back 20 years or more.”

STCR prides itself on not only providing the best in grocery technology but also full-service solutions to stores across the country and beyond. And the company only plans to continue to expand services for customers by hiring more professionals to help with technology implementation, support, training, and more. 

“I believe our biggest strength is not necessarily in the products that we sell – the excellence of our product line speaks for itself. The great differentiator is the ability of our team to support those products. We have the uncanny ability to handle the complexity of things and to really understand what is going on in the store,” Tuberman says.

Read the full interview at Food Trade News to learn more about STCR’s plans for market expansion and more.

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