Stand Out Among Grocery Competitors With E-Commerce Solutions

More grocers are choosing to build their online presence through smart e-commerce solutions. Now, research suggests the grocery industry faces obstacles converting in-store shoppers into online customers. A recent Grocery Dive poll indicated 70% of consumers turn to Amazon, Walmart, Sam’s Club, or Costco for their favorite center store staples. This means shoppers are using large online retailers to purchase their essential items and saving fresh food items and other products for their local grocery stores.

While tapping into omnichannel trends is essential for any grocery store, using personalization and other customer-focused strategies is key to standing out among competitors.


Of the same people surveyed, three-quarters of participants said their local center store is “absolutely” or “mostly” relevant to their shopping habits. However, only 9% of the respondents said they use their local grocery store’s e-commerce platform. So, what can grocers do to bridge the gap between in-store and online shopping? Invest in e-commerce personalization to better cater to your customers’ needs. 

Grocers can take their e-commerce to the next level by utilizing customized coupons and promotions, shoppable recipes, and customer reward initiatives. By investing in customization, grocers are putting their shoppers’ needs first and making the experience as streamlined as possible. During the pandemic, consumers adapted to an online shopping environment but favored e-commerce platforms that can predict preferred products. This method helps shoppers not only save time but also avoid the dreaded “click and scroll fatigue” that many individuals experience while shopping online.


STCR’s omnichannel technology solutions can help make your grocery store stand out among the crowd. Like many technology trends, innovations work best as part of a complete retail solution. Let STCR’s smart retail solutions streamline the shopping experience for your customers. Learn how STCR can help optimize your online store today.