Is Livestreaming The Future Of Online Grocery Shopping?

Grocers are finding engaging ways to merge online grocery shopping with in-store experiences, and are using livestreaming as a way to attract more shoppers. According to Coresight, livestreaming is quickly expanding in the U.S., with the market set to hit $6 billion this year and $25 billion by 2023. So, it’s safe to say investing in social commerce and livestreaming may be a smart decision for many stores looking to capitalize on online shopping. Here’s how your grocery store can follow suit.


More retailers are launching shoppable videos on their websites as a way to push specific products, but livestreaming can take this to the next level by incorporating social media into the mix. For some grocers, live cooking classes began as a way to combat pandemic blues in 2020 when many were isolated in their homes. These community-focused cooking classes were held on Zoom and encouraged participants to purchase ingredients beforehand so they could cook live with the instructor. 

Marketers saw an opportunity to bring these classes to Facebook Live and other streaming platforms so more people could participate. Plus, the advancements allowed retailers to incorporate e-commerce by adding product listings into the video feed with a button to purchase on their e-commerce site. This method is not only engaging for shoppers but also teaches them new recipes while introducing them to new products. Additionally, it builds authority with shoppers by offering information the shopper can use in their day-to-day lives, thus creating brand loyalty down the line.


Social commerce and livestreaming are key to connecting grocers with customers who are cooking and shopping from home. It’s also a way to position your store as an industry expert while incorporating your social media strategy in the mix. Smart retail solutions like STCR’s omnichannel grocery technology can help bring your e-commerce solutions to the next level. Learn how STCR can help optimize your online store today.