How Grocery Technology Is Supporting Sustainability Efforts

Sustainability practices are becoming more popular among consumers. As individuals seek easier ways to leave a positive impact on the environment, grocery stores have the opportunity to support their shoppers’ values while gaining loyal customers. 

Consumer reports indicate seven in 10 shoppers try to reduce their impact on the environment. Not to mention they are willing to pay 4% more and drive up to 11 minutes farther to support sustainable-focused retailers. Here’s how your grocery store can bring these practices into your operations through technology.


Grocery companies are taking sustainability initiatives to the next level by incorporating recycling into their existing loyalty programs. Customers can register for the store recycling service, scan their empty recyclables, and gain points to use toward in-store purchases. Not only does this encourage shoppers to recycle in general, but it also emboldens them to shop at your store with the rewards they received. 

The strategy is a win-win for consumers, retailers, and the environment alike. Adding the lure of loyalty points and rewards appeals to shoppers who may not frequently recycle, plus the use of QR codes and easy scanning makes recycling much more accessible for the average consumer. 

Store data is a big component of the initiative since retailers can find out which products and brands are recycled more regularly. Customers can also track the impact they have on the environment since their returns will be listed on their account – making customer data equally as valuable to the shopper. 

Adapting to climate-conscious practices isn’t just a way to follow trends; it’s a way to improve your customer’s overall shopping experience. STCR offers more than smart technology, we help stores plan and execute complete retail solutions that provide the most value. Get in touch to learn more about STCR’s smart retail solutions today!