How Grocery Technology Can Speed Up Delivery Services

Delivery speed is king when it comes to online grocery shopping. As more options for online shopping evolve, consumers are beginning to prioritize grocers who can meet their demands. 61% of participants in an omnichannel shopping survey said they would like to have orders delivered as fast as possible. Another report concluded that 85% of shoppers prefer to receive their orders within two hours or less.

While it’s easy for customers to prioritize fast service, there’s a lot for grocers to consider when it comes to grocery store operations. Here’s how technology can help streamline order fulfillment so your store can speed up your delivery services.


Product data can be a big factor in speeding up delivery services. By having accurate data on your product inventory, shoppers can be alerted something is out of stock and choose a backup. Plus, fulfillment employees won’t have to search forthe sold-out product in their stores. Additionally, efficient communication with the customer through the shopping app can make the shopping trip successful by alleviating any confusion. When your data management software integrates with your online store, the overall flow and functionality of the shopping experience will improve.


Not only do AI-powered smart carts help make shopping smoother for the consumer, but the technology is also beneficial for fulfilling online orders. Smart carts use weight sensors and cameras to identify items added to the basket. The selections are then fed into the cart’s touchscreen to help make processing online order fulfillment contactless. The screen will also display a map of the store to help shoppers and order pickers find items faster. Additionally, smart carts can gather more insights to help combat gridlock in stores caused by online order pickers walking aisles alongside shoppers.

Faster delivery services raise the stakes for grocers across the country seeking customer-centric innovations. Look to STCR’s omnichannel solutions to help put your store on the map for online shopping. Learn how STCR can help optimize your store by requesting a demo today!