How Grocery Technology Can Help You Cater to Health-Conscious Shoppers

Since the rise of COVID-19, more people are rethinking their buying habits, diets and even their impact on the environment. Whether it’s creating sustainable homes or eating healthier meals, consumers are looking to make better shopping decisions that support their values.

According to a recent study, seven in 10 supermarket shoppers try to reduce their impact on the environment. The findings suggest health-conscious consumers look to local stores to demonstrate social and environmental leadership. Customers are willing to pay 4% more and drive up to 11 minutes farther to support sustainable, health-focused retailers. Without adapting to sustainability and healthy living trends, grocers risk losing those shoppers down the road. 

So, how can grocers adapt to these growing needs? There are many in-store changes retailers can make like offering on-site recycling, providing biodegradable produce bags and making efforts to conserve energy. But there’s still a growing number of online shoppers to cater to as well.

That’s where retail solutions can help. Supermarkets are using technology to make it easier for shoppers to find products and food items that align with their values. By categorizing healthy food and eco-friendly products, grocers can make it easier than ever for shoppers to choose healthier options. 

Food waste is another big concern for customers. It’s estimated that North American retailers are losing more than $70 million to waste each year. To combat this, stores are investing in supply chain technology to help forecast demand and track expiration dates. This solution has been able to help retailers reduce food waste by 10-40%. Not to mention the efforts significantly help improve the efficiency of their supply management.

Adapting to health and climate-conscious practices isn’t just a way to follow buyer trends; it’s a way to improve your customer’s overall shopping experience. High-quality retail technology makes it even easier to prepare for changes and innovations in the future. STCR offers more than smart technology, we help stores plan and execute complete retail solutions that provide the most value. Get in touch to learn more about STCR’s smart retail solutions today!