Here’s What Grocers Are Prioritizing This Year

It’s safe to say the grocery industry has had its ups and downs since the pandemic’s beginning. From supply chain disruptions and high inflation to difficulty hiring and retaining employees, grocers are relying more on technology to combat potential issues while catering to increased consumer demands. 

As we reach the halfway point of the year, food retailers are sharing their priorities and strategies to help stay competitive in an ever-changing landscape. A recent state of grocery report, which is based on surveys from grocery CEOs and operations executives, indicated major points of focus for grocers this year.


More consumers are expecting convenience when it comes to grocery shopping, which means they’re relying on e-commerce to meet their shopping needs. Grocers reported that they believe there are still several ways they can improve the digital experience for their customers, including better app functionality, more loyalty incentives, advanced personalization, and increased blending of technology like scan-and-go with in-store and digital shopping.

Advanced technology is an important part of the in-store shopping experience, too. Customers look to their favorite food retailers to have more consistency with their online and in-store experiences. Bringing more omnichannel technology to your physical stores like self-checkout and digital shelf tags can speed up shopping for customers and keep things consistent. 


The grocery industry employs nearly 3 million people in the U.S. However, since the pandemic, stores have faced challenges with hiring and retention. There are plenty of factors causing the current worker shortage including childcare concerns, increased competition with other opportunities, and alluring benefits from the federal and local governments. While more grocers are offering new benefits to their employment packages, retail automation continues to be a key way to fill in the staffing gap on the front and back end. 

Innovations like smart cart technology allow shoppers to independently purchase items without having to wait in a line at checkout. For back-end operations, electronic shelf tags can help save on labor costs since they take less work to maintain. Digital price displays can also be used to facilitate dynamic pricing, which is a big plus for grocers.

No matter what your store is focusing on tackling this year, omnichannel technology solutions are certain to strengthen your store’s shopping experience. Having a complete suite of in-store and digital solutions for your store is a crucial part of surviving in today’s market. Count on the professionals at STCR to evaluate your needs and help bring your grocery store to the next level. Request a demo to get started!