Help Boost Online Grocery Sales With These Omnichannel Solutions

Pandemic shopping habits are here to stay, according to new research. Acosta’s latest report revealed 25% of online grocery shoppers plan to do more within the next year. While that might not be exactly surprising for most retail professionals, the full snapshot of data will certainly provide further insight into post-pandemic shopping habits that are here to stay.

Key data suggests:

This means grocery stores have a major opportunity to strengthen their omnichannel solutions, and larger retailers are already launching smart initiatives to not only increase e-commerce sales but encourage buyer loyalty. This is how grocery technology can make a major impact on your business in the long term.


While this isn’t necessarily a new strategy, it’s something more grocery stores are taking advantage of. During the pandemic, 31% of shoppers used subscriptions for purchasing their grocery needs, and 90% of those subscribers intend to continue their subscriptions over the next year.

It’s clear shoppers are intrigued by exclusive offers, and grocers are offering their subscribers perks like no-fee delivery and gas fuel savings. These deals often encourage consumers to continue utilizing online shopping. Additionally, some stores are partnering with major retailers to sell exclusive products online only, further encouraging this method of shopping.


Promotional decisions should never be made from assumptions. That’s what one grocer learned when they decided to invest in data management software to better inform their decision-making. Product analytics can help stores understand what items are popular, which ones need a sales boost, and how your customers are shopping. With this data, stores can build more strategic promotions for online shoppers that have their needs and habits in mind.

There are also unexpected benefits to investing in streamlined data management. These tools can help grocers predict disturbances in the supply chain and track when products in their store are running low. Not only does this benefit the shopper, but it also helps store employees manage the business more efficiently.

STCR’s omnichannel technology solutions streamline in-store and online operations to help retail businesses provide the best service and promotions to their customers. With STCR, you can feel confident in serving your shoppers and prioritizing their needs. Talk to us to learn how STCR can optimize your store today.