Is Your Grocery Store Meeting Gen Z Demands?

We all know of Generation Z for their TikTok humor and use of social media, but how are their behaviors translating into the grocery store landscape? Panelists during a Groceryshop session are suggesting the generation is changing the way retailers market their products and engage with their customers in person and online. To meet Gen Z demands, stores are going to have to up their online presence, enhance their in-store experience, and focus on company values.


Gone are the days of traditional advertising when it comes to promoting your store and products. Now grocers have to dive head first into building a social media presence to attract Gen Z shoppers. TikTok is an area of interest for retailers. With over 1 billion monthly active users, 60% of whom are Gen Z, it’s clear the platform is one of the fastest growing and most powerful apps.

Even in 2019, larger retailers like Kroger used TikTok to their advantage. The store created a shoppable hashtag challenge called #TransformUrDorm, which gained over 914.7 million views. More recently, a grocery store became viral on TikTok after praise for its $5 deli sandwich. Shoppers posted videos using the hashtag #sproutssandwich, which gained over 10 million views. 


As much as Gen Z utilizes online media, the group of consumers still prefers in-store grocery shopping. In fact, 58% of Gen Z customers expect to shop more in a physical location, which is the highest percentage compared to other age groups. But this doesn’t mean digital experiences don’t play a factor in shopping at a physical store. 

Grocers are exploring shoppable augmented reality (AR) content on apps like Snapchat. The “Snap Scan & Shop” lens would let Snapchat users scan a food item in a refrigerator or pantry with a smartphone camera to generate a list of recipes with product recommendations. Experts predict millennial and Gen Z consumers will make up 62% of global social commerce spending within three years.


While social media and AR are effective ways to draw in Gen Z consumers, the generation is growing more concerned with where companies stand on sustainability and ethical practices. Not only are they paying close attention to company values, but are also seeing how well stores abide by them. 

It’s not enough to say your store is focused on sustainability and its impact on the environment – Gen Z wants to see this in action. Grocers can show their dedication to sustainability by incorporating recycling into their loyalty programs. Not only does this encourage shoppers to recycle in general, but it also emboldens them to shop at your store with the rewards they received.

Don’t let your store get lost among competitors when it comes to Gen Z shoppers. Use STCR’s omnichannel solutions to make your store more shopper-friendly while also streamlining front and back-end operations. Request a demo today to get started!