Grocery Lessons from 2020: Service and Value Still Reign Supreme

2020 was quite a year for grocery store technology. The pandemic changed the shopping experience for many and showed us the importance of grocery stores in our society. Grocery stores and other essential retailers had to quickly prioritize shopper and employee health and safety, manage an over-stressed supply chain, and meet customer convenience needs. 

The pandemic spurred widespread use of online shopping, self-checkout, home delivery, curbside pickup, and several new technologies from the front end to the back office. Many of these technologies will continue to provide value to shoppers and retailers in the post-pandemic retail landscape. Technology helped retailers adapt and respond to a rapid shift in consumer behavior. 

But, while customers will continue to be attracted to retail innovations, they still want excellent customer service and value for their money. According to a recent survey published in Grocery Dive, value and service are the leading factors that drive purchase decisions, and they are also factors with the most room for improvement. While shoppers continue to trust grocery stores to help them ride out the pandemic with safer ways to shop, they rate both employee friendliness and value for their money as a less-than-stellar 7/10.

To up this score and earn more customers and customer loyalty, grocers need more than the latest innovations. They need the right retail solutions that put service and value at center stage.

STCR doesn’t just connect stores to technology; we help grocery retailers deliver more value to their shoppers through innovation. We help retailers deliver the best customer experience. From complete retail solutions and e-commerce to back-office management tools, automation, hardware and peripherals, STCR designs, implements, and deploys systems that save money and make customers happy.

Learn more about STCR’s retail innovations and how they can help your store meet all of your shopper’s needs.