FMI’s 2022 Report: How Grocers Are Using Tech

Food retailers have had to adapt at a rapid pace since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in order to provide people with their necessities safely. Since then, they’ve had to respond to supply chain issues and rising grocery costs, which they don’t see resolving any time soon. While the industry has made great strides, it’s only just the beginning for new tech in grocery stores. 

FMI reports that the food industry is investing heavily in new technologies. 73% of food retailers are spending more to improve tech, including food service ordering and delivery, dynamic pricing, and mobile checkout systems. 

While the focus on new tech has been on delivery and ordering, grocers plan on expanding where they invest. For example, one of the many new tools mentioned in the report was electronic shelf labels. Only about one in five grocers reported using electronic shelf labels, but 33% plan to implement them in the next year. 

Additionally, grocers continue to invest in self-checkout lanes. 96% of retailers have implemented the systems, and they handle 30% of all store transactions. This is double the amount of self-checkout transactions in 2019.  

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