Building the Grocery Store of Tomorrow

From the first self-checkout systems of the 1990s to today’s innovations in e-commerce, grocery technology is always evolving. But, what sorts of technologies will lead grocery stores to greater success tomorrow?

A recent TechCrunch article discusses several innovations that are either being developed or have been launched recently, including kiosk-based cashier-less checkout, advanced software analytics, and robotics. These new and updated technologies improve customer experience and store operations, helping smaller grocery stores increase their profit margin. The future of grocery promises to reduce “points of friction” for shoppers — such as waiting in long lines — and more efficient store management through automation and AI.

Grocery innovation is a win-win for both stores and customers, but setting the stage is a crucial component for across the board success. The right retail solution supports shopping and experience and store management today and is ready to welcome new tech into the fold when it becomes available.

Whatever technology comes down the path, STCR can help grocers set a strong foundation for today and tomorrow with our comprehensive retail solutions. Learn more about how to put your store on the right track to compete and succeed in the grocery landscape of the future with STCR.