Are You Prepared for the 2021 Holiday Shopping Season? Here’s How Grocery Technology Can Help

Preparing for the holiday shopping season will look different for grocery stores in 2021. Last year, small celebrations replaced typical holiday gatherings, and consumers stuck to online shopping for their grocery and gift-giving needs. While online shopping is not going away anytime soon, vaccinated individuals are predicted to celebrate the holidays in larger group settings compared to 2020. In fact, 40% of consumers were expecting to spend the holidays with more people than they did last year. 

So, what does this mean for grocery retailers? Of course, you’ll need to prepare for increased spending on food, beverages and party-related items to accommodate for more in-person holiday celebrations. But there’s more for grocers to consider. 

Retail experts predict more individuals will be holiday shopping with intent. While this is especially the case for gift shopping, the same can be said when it comes to buying groceries. Between hosting holiday parties and stocking up on gifts, shoppers are looking to plan their purchases better and save money where they can this holiday season. 

56% of individuals surveyed said they’re somewhat concerned about rising food prices. Additionally, a study reported that 54% of all shoppers recently purchased a new brand because it was less expensive, and nearly a third of these shoppers were influenced by a digital coupon. These findings are no surprise considering industry prices are at an all-time high, enabling customers to plan their purchases better and seek other options. This is where streamlined retail solutions can help.

Offering discounts to shoppers not only helps give them the opportunity to try new products and brands, but it also builds loyalty to your store. 94% of Gen X shoppers and 86% of baby boomers said personalized coupons and promotions were key reasons to join a store’s loyalty program. While e-coupons are helpful for holiday shoppers this season, it’s clear digital promotions are a key strategy for growing your returning customer base in the long term.

High-quality retail technology makes it even easier for grocery stores to provide personalized coupons to customers and prepare for the 2021 holiday season. STCR offers more than smart technology, we help stores plan and execute complete retail solutions that provide the most value. Get in touch to learn more about STCR’s smart retail solutions today!