9 out of 10 grocery shoppers use smartphones in-store. Does your technology meet their needs?

With over 260 million smartphone users in the United States, it’s no surprise that shoppers have their devices with them when they are walking store aisles. However, according to recent research, nearly 90% of all U.S. grocery shoppers use their phones as they shop. 

This percentage is even higher with younger shoppers, with 93% of those 18 to 39 reporting using smartphones while shopping. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused these numbers to grow, as shoppers are increasingly looking for more efficient ways to shop, and concerns about product shortages drive shoppers’ need to check for availability. The move to mobile solutions — both in-store and for online shopping — will likely continue to grow even when the pandemic is over. 

Grocers have a huge opportunity not just to leverage smartphone technology, but to make it a seamless part of the shopping experience. Shoppers are looking for an end-to-end approach that helps them save money, plan meals, and receive engaging information about products.  

With this explosive growth of mobile use during shopping, grocers need not only invest in technology, but find retail solutions that grow with future needs. STCR knows the industry inside and out, and helps grocers use technology to improve profit margins, minimize downtime and maximize customer satisfaction.

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