Why Your Grocery Store Needs a Loyalty Program

Between inflation and rising gas prices, consumers are seeking easy ways to cut costs. And when it comes to purchasing essential items like food, customers look to their local grocers to help them find low-cost alternatives. New research from Clarus Commerce shows immediate discounts on gas and groceries through a store loyalty program is a key way to keep your customers coming back to your store.

Of the U.S. shoppers polled, 78% said they would join a membership-based loyalty program, and 72% already belong to one. Some shoppers are even willing to pay for a premium loyalty program, with nearly 78% saying that would consider an annual membership fee for a preferred grocery brand. To get shoppers to fully commit to your program, you need to ensure you have alluring enough benefits that your customers will want to use.


Gone are the days of distributing the same generic coupons to everyone in your store. Not only do your customers want to be rewarded for their store loyalty, but they also want an exclusive shopping experience tailored to their needs.  E-commerce platforms make this possible for online shoppers with personalized discounts on favorite products, recommendations based on recent purchases, and exclusive offers only available to members. 

Loyalty discounts paired with personalized shopping recommendations are crucial for converting sales online. 59% of consumers say personalization influences their shopping decisions and 91% are more likely to shop with stores that send recommendations. STCR’s software solutions make tracking customer data easy, even across stores. With precision marketing, our grocery software can target specific customers and offer them advanced promotions.

Elevate your loyalty program with STCR’s innovative software solutions. Like many technology trends, innovations work best as part of a complete retail solution. Learn how STCR can help optimize your online store today.