What To Expect In The Grocery Tech Industry in 2022

Grocers are continuing to reinvent themselves to appeal to consumers, and that’s not changing anytime soon. Technological advances are taking center stage in grocery stores, and retailers must comply to compete. Over the past few years, we’ve learned consumers are looking for the utmost convenience when it comes to shopping, and retail technology can help stores cater to consumers’ ever-changing shopping habits. According to the 6th Annual Grocery Tech Trends Study by RIS News, more than half (54%) of grocers are increasing their year-to-year tech spend. These investments aim to not only enhance digital capabilities but in-store services as well.


Online shopping continues to be a strong tool for retailers as the pandemic continues. Survey respondents reported nearly a quarter (24%) of sales are allocated to digital channels, with 21% implementing new e-commerce platforms and another 15% planning similar enhancements over the next year. These investments are focused on boosting the customer experience and include upgrades to product recommendations, digital coupons and more.

While in-store shopping is still the preferred method among consumers, e-commerce is an important piece of the puzzle. Over the past year, we’ve seen consumers continue to consider convenience in their buying decisions. To compete with other retailers, it’s important to consider both methods of shopping in your store enhancement plans. 


Omnichannel upgrades to the center store prove to be important to consumers. According to 27% of grocers, more shoppers have high expectations of their favorite store’s retail environment. This includes the store’s check-out process. To avoid further friction at checkout, one in five grocers are making plans to overhaul their POS system, including software, hardware and peripherals. These upgrades aim to help grocers offer contactless payment, self-service checkout and more.

Having a complete suite of in-store and digital solutions for your store is a crucial part of surviving in today’s market. With the right strategy and implementation, your store will be set up for success in no time. Count on the professionals at STCR to evaluate your needs and help bring your grocery store to the next level. Request a demo to get started!