Unique Rewards Programs Build Loyalty and Profits

Shoppers are always looking for ways to save and take advantage of special deals. Loyalty programs are effective tools for incentivizing shoppers, but these programs can often go overlooked. A shopper can forget to scan their card, leave coupons at home, or simply just overlook the opportunity. As a grocer, you’re looking to maximize profits, so it may seem like a blessing when consumers don’t utilize rewards. However, rewards programs are essentially a marketing opportunity; when a customer joins and begins to see signs of savings, it creates a positive association with your store in their mind. As these savings continue, the consumer will likely become loyal to your store, and soon you’ve created a regular customer.    

Stores have been reinventing rewards programs and re-engaging with their shoppers. Southeastern Grocers has found a way to make rewards programs more memorable, adding a gamified component to its loyalty program. These “rewards boosters” allow the customer to speed up their savings with fun, game-like challenges. The program allows consumers to earn rewards and savings for the products they buy the most. Rewards are based on individualized shopping preferences and become more and more targeted over time. The gaming component makes the process more enjoyable and memorable so that it can become a fun habit. 

Price Chopper/Market 32 recently revamped its popular AdvantEdge loyalty program, which previously provided food and fuel discounts. Now, shoppers can use rewards to support local schools, pay down student loans, donate to charity, purchase specialty kitchen products and enter sweepstakes. Unique rewards programs like these create shopper engagement and keep your store at the top of your shoppers’ minds. Traditional rewards programs give everyone the same rewards, and sometimes the rewards are for products that a consumer doesn’t necessarily want or need. The individualized aspect makes it more likely they will choose to shop your store and buy the rewards products and everything else they need. 

STCR helps grocery stores deliver value to their shoppers through technology. Our complete retail solutions support innovative loyalty programs and many other ways to help customers save more (and spend more.) From complete retail solutions and e-commerce to back-office management tools, automation, hardware and peripherals, STCR designs, implements, and deploys systems that save money and make customers happy. Learn more about STCR’s retail innovations and how they can help your store make shopping more rewarding.