Technology Can Help Grocery Stores Become the Place for “Mealtime Solutions”

Today’s consumers are looking for convenient and exciting meal options. People are going out to dinner more often now, so grocers are competing with restaurants for shoppers’ dollars. The growing prepared food and dinner in a box market is an opportunity to fill shoppers’ needs and redefine grocery stores as places to find ultimate mealtime solutions.

This growth of in-store meal kits took off during the pandemic when people were looking for meal inspiration and options. Now, as people are settling into a post-pandemic world and going back to the office, grocery stores can continue to fill a need for meals that are better than drive-thru takeout. 

A recent report noted that grocery stores had a 32% increase in fresh grocery sales in the first half of 2021. Eighty percent of shoppers indicated they were looking for more deli-prepared and ready to cook meal options both in-store and while shopping online. Shoppers also noted grocery stores can better fill the need for mealtime solutions by including more digital information and engagement through shopping apps and providing meal deals.

Retail solutions can help showcase these meal options to your shoppers, build and reward loyalty, and turn your store into a regular meal destination. From e-commerce solutions to self-checkout and inventory management systems, STCR helps grocery stores find the best technologies for their needs and their shoppers’ needs. Learn more about our retail solutions.