Shoppers Looking for Improvements in E-Commerce & Pickup

Now that the pandemic is seemingly entering a quieter and hopefully final phase, we can look back at some data in the form of shopper satisfaction surveys to see what worked and what didn’t over a challenging year. A recent study measured customer satisfaction with online shopping, delivery, and pickup options, with shoppers reporting room for retailers to improve.

According to the study, online shopping pickup satisfaction scores related to selecting a preferred time slot were behind delivery by 10%. Some retailers are struggling to meet the elevated shopper demand for pickup, while third-party providers have adapted much more quickly. Consumers looking for curbside pickup are finding no times available while an abundance of delivery times remain open. The survey also showed that usage of both pickup and delivery from the same household is very limited. Only 15% of households utilizing grocery e-commerce used both service types in the same month, so shoppers are more likely to be a delivery customer or a pickup customer. It’s important, then, for retailers to provide a consistent omnichannel shopping experience.  

Wait times are also negatively affecting pickup satisfaction. Third-party delivery providers are utilizing notifications that can track the order from the moment it’s placed to the moment it reaches your door, with information about where it is in the process and how long it will take to be received. While delivery customers can track their order every step of the way, pickup customers are often waiting in the parking lot for five minutes or more, wondering when their order will be ready. 

By leveraging technology to enhance the distribution and fulfillment of orders, retailers can strengthen the shoppers’ experience and increase consumer satisfaction and return. Retail solutions can aid retailers in collecting and analyzing e-commerce data and more efficiently organizing the order process.

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