Retail Automation Benefits Owners & Workers

Like many businesses, Grocery stores have experienced a challenging labor shortage in 2021. Stores have responded by increasing wages and benefits to attract and retain workers, and also by increasing automation across their operations. While technology like self-checkout was once seen as a threat to workers, today self-service options and automated tasks have never been more valuable to stores—and workers, too. 

Store automation can include electronic shelf labelsstore robots, or other technology solutions that reduce or eliminate the need for manual effort. With an electronic shelf label, price changes are updated at once from a central location, saving time and reducing human error. Store robots can handle inventory and make stores safer for shoppers and employees. Other forms of store automation include innovations in frictionless retail, such as scan and go and smart cart technologies.

Stores save money with automation, reporting 10% in costs savings associated with retail automation technology. These cost savings come from faster and more efficient order selection, improved overall store operations, less shrink and fewer stockouts. 

These cost savings can be routed towards higher wages and other employment incentives to retain workers. Automation reduces manual tasks, making working safer and also requiring less person-person interaction, which addresses the concern of some workers about risk during the pandemic.  

Smart retail solutions are the foundation of store automation that saves money, streamlines processes, and adds safety to the workplace.  From e-commerce solutions to self-checkout and inventory management systems, STCR helps grocery stores find the best technologies for their needs and their shoppers’ needs. Learn more about our retail solutions.