Online Slowdown is an Opportunity for Self-Checkout Technology

Online grocery sales are down as people transition to a post-pandemic world. Online grocery shopping is still relevant for all retailers, especially as part of an omnichannel strategy that delivers consistency and convenience for shoppers. However, a return to in-store shopping is a chance for grocers to provide a better shopping visit through self-checkout technology.

According to a recent grocery shopping survey, the U.S. online grocery market sales totaled $7 billion, down 16% from $8.4 billion in April 2021 and the lowest since April 2020. The current sales volume is still an increase from pre-pandemic months, but if it is the sign of a continuing downward trend, proactive grocers should prepare for an increase in in-store shopping.

This decline in online sales comes at a time when more national retailers are embracing self-checkout solutions. Grocery stores, department stores, home improvement centers, and pharmacies have increased self-service options and customers have become increasingly accustomed to DIY-checkout.  

Self-checkout solutions offer customer shopping conveniences, allowing retailers to tailor the front end according to their unique customer needs and preferences. Systems are configurable with several different form factors. They are future-ready as well, easy to reconfigure as store needs change. With self-checkout, customers enjoy a convenient and fast shopping experience, benefits that are similar to online checkout. And like online shopping, a self-checkout can be a tool for customer engagement through product information, specials, offers, and more.

Of course, the benefits of self-checkout go far beyond customer experience. The systems minimize the use of valuable retail space, make systems management and security easier, and support centralized reporting and remote management capabilities. From convenient checkout and loyalty programs integration to fewer errors and harnessing the power of analytics, self-checkout systems offer an unbeatable return on investment for any sized store.

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