Lowering Barriers to Grocery Shopping

One of the top stories of 2020 and the pandemic is, of course, the massive growth of online retail in the grocery industry. We’ve talked about the continued popularity of buying online and picking up at the store (BOPIS) and the importance of delivering an omnichannel shopping experience. The growth of online shopping has also increased awareness of accessibility for those with disabilities.

Grocery stores make important investments in their stores to ensure accessibility, both for compliance and shopper convenience reasons. With online grocery shopping more popular, achieving full accessibility requires doing the same for digital experiences, both in-store in online. Retail solutions can also offer a better shopping experience across the board by providing store inventory information and offering curbside pickup and other conveniences.

E-commerce platforms have responded to the need for accessibility by introducing features, such as screen reader compatibility, high contrast options, and the ability to order using keyboard input. Grocery e-commerce platform solution provider Rosie recently announced these accessibility improvements. These features make it easier for those with limited vision and mobility to shop with ease.

Accessibility can be improved through in-store technology as well. Easy-to-read electronic product displays, self-checkout systems, and electronic shelf labels can make the shopping experience more inclusive and easier.  Smart retail solutions can bring all of these technologies together to create shopping that is convenient for all. 

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