How to Use Customer Data to Benefit the Shopper

We all know software solutions can utilize customer data to make store management more efficient. In fact, customer data helps grocery stores predict high-demand products, track shortages and understand their shoppers better. But data can also be mutually beneficial for the consumer by making grocery shopping a seamless experience. 


Let’s say it’s family movie night and you’re tasked with choosing tonight’s film. Rather than searching for options on Google, you’ll likely scroll through Netflix’s recommended movies list instead. That’s because your Netflix algorithm is personalized to your preferences and viewing history, saving you time on browsing.

Now let’s take that concept to your online store. Grocers can bring value back to their shoppers by using their data to make product recommendations and personalize their shopping experience. Adding personalization to your online platform is crucial for converting sales. 59% of consumers say personalization influences their shopping decisions and 91% are more likely to shop with stores that send recommendations.

Grocers can evolve personalization even further by thinking of e-commerce as “a unique grocery store for every customer.” Meaning, smart retailers aren’t just pushing relevant products to shoppers, they’re also recommending services, meal-planning tools and other shortcuts that help build loyalty. Consumers lead busy lives and look to their local grocer for inspiration and assistance. That’s why crafting digital storefronts tailored to each shopper is important for online retailers. To build these customer personas, some retailers are even trying out collecting data through an initial quiz that asks the user about their preferences, family size, dietary restrictions and more.


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