How to meld digital and experiential for maximum shopper convenience

Shifting from in-store to online shopping has been a big drive for many retailers over the past few years. In an interesting industry twist, some digital retailers are pivoting to provide the kind of experience normally only available in-person, highlighting the importance of a variety of choices for delivering shopper convenience.

recent article discusses the successful evolution of a delivery-only “convenience store” into a brick and mortar/digital-hybrid chain. Embracing digital experiences, loyalty programs, and technology to increase transactions across physical and digital platforms was key to this success. So, too, was having the right merchandise, focusing on sourcing local products, and providing a comfortable and fun place to shop.

The lesson? Digital is a crucial part of success, but it doesn’t work like magic or on its own. It needs to be a component of an overall strategy to serve customers and provide them with the shopping experiences they demand. With the power of a comprehensive retail solution in your store, seamless shopping easily becomes a reality. Grocers can leverage technology to track customer behavior and provide increase options for online and contact-free transactions, and use this technology to also bring stores alive with information, providing value for the customer at every aisle. 

STCR has worked with grocers of all sizes since 1967, helping stores use technology to improve customer experience and boost profits by integrating the right technology for the right application. Learn how STCR can help you bridge the gap between digital and physical shopping and meet your customers right where they want to be.