Technology is Helping Shoppers Access Nutritional Incentives

Over the past few years, grocery shoppers have increasingly sought out healthier options. At the same time, consumers’ tastes have evolved to include more culturally diverse influences. This demand for more nutritious foods is also being met with nutrition incentive programs that seek to introduce healthier eating guidance to shoppers who previously may have limited access.

The National Grocers Association Foundation has created a workgroup to determine the core functionality required to allow efficient and accurate nutrition incentives for POS systems. The program intends to take the input of 20 volunteers from the nutrition incentive community to streamline the development of systems that support SNAP incentives and other healthier eating programs.

This effort comes as many retailers have expressed a desire to accept SNAP benefits online through e-commerce, and nontraditional grocery stores are expanding to become “health destinations” for shoppers. The growth of SNAP acceptance online has been incremental, as it is part of a pilot program that stalled somewhat when the pandemic hit. But now, the process is moving forward more quickly, with a mix of large and smaller retailers obtaining pilot program approval. And, like most changes in today’s grocery landscape, technology is at the forefront. Retail technology vendors have been going through testing, doing the heavy lifting, so the burden in the future will be less on retailers. 

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