Here’s Why Grocers Are Seeing a Surge in Curbside Pickup Orders

Convenience is key, and that’s especially true when it comes to grocery shopping. More consumers are utilizing curbside pickup or delivery services to save time, and that isn’t changing anytime soon. According to a recent study, 45% of shoppers say they shop online for groceries more now than before the pandemic. While online shopping grew in popularity because of the pandemic, grocers are now using incentives and smart technology to help make buyers repeat customers.

Online shopping and curbside pickup services don’t just benefit the shopper. Grocers who invest in curbside pickup services are experiencing a surge in orders. Though convenience is enticing for shoppers, having a user-friendly, e-commerce platform helps encourage repeat orders. 64% of shoppers said the availability of products is more important to them when shopping. Though inventory can vary, smart retailers are using their e-commerce platforms to make product recommendations when items are out-of-stock, thus streamlining the shopping experience for their users.

Of people making online grocery purchases, 40% prefer pickup. Curbside pickup allows grocers to showcase their customer service skills from the beginning to the end of the shopping experience. Through smart technology and pickup incentives, stores can create promotions, give free samples and push specific products to help attract return buyers. The strategy helps take the thinking out of shopping and introduces new products to the consumer.

Smart retail solutions can help put your grocery store on the map for those seeking a streamlined shopping experience. From e-commerce solutions to self-checkout and inventory management systems, STCR helps grocery stores find the best technologies for their needs and their shoppers’ needs. Learn more about our retail solutions.