How Grocers Are Making Meal Prep Easier

Meal prep solutions are proving to be an opportunity for grocers as delivery kits grow in popularity. In 2020 alone, the meal kit delivery market was valued at 10.26 billion, and that’s only increased as more individuals seek at-home offerings. Now, grocers are taking this concept into their stores.

Throughout the pandemic, more consumers sought out easier ways to prepare meals without having to leave their homes or start from scratch. There’s where meal kits come into play. The solution is ideal for those who want fresher food options but don’t necessarily want to deal with the labor of cooking. Popular kit options provide individuals and families with pre-portioned and prepped ingredients with recipes to not only help them save time but also teach them cooking techniques and ideas.

A new startup grocer is bringing meal kits to their omnichannel store by offering 80 pre-prepared ingredients and grocery staples with personalized recipes. The approach helps take 85% of the time and effort of cooking from scratch. The recipes include cooked grains, vegetables, and proteins, allowing customers to have well-balanced and healthy meals.

Once customers check out, the app will send them recipe options based on the ingredients purchased. Grocers with online stores and loyalty programs can take this idea further by offering recommendations to maximize the use of what’s in their cart while encouraging customers to add more to their baskets.

According to Pew Research Center, 80% of women are the ones responsible for meal prep in the household, yet the majority expressed guilt about not having the time to cook. Grocery store meal kits could be the solution to individuals facing difficulties managing their time when it comes to feeding their families. Industry experts predict that Generation Z will be a key market for grocery store meal kits, as the group tends to prioritize local ingredients and better quality meals.

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