Grocers Are Using Data to Understand Buyer Behaviors

As hybrid shopping continues to become popular among consumers, grocers seek more ways to bridge the divide between their online and physical stores. With emerging technology like computer vision, self-checkout, and e-commerce apps, there are more opportunities to meet shoppers where they are. This means that there may be gaps in tracking valuable customer data.

Large retailers are confronting this head-on by introducing analytics tools that track purchases and shopper behavior across their e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores. The platform will be able to use store analytics to discern connections between how shoppers interact with products in stores and on their online marketplace, essentially connecting the dots between initial interest and making the purchase decision.

The information helps the retailer guide merchandising strategies, develop promotions, and determine which items to offer. And as inflation and rising gas prices continue to affect consumers across the country, personalized promotions are a key way to gain loyal customers while delivering great value through relevant rewards and advertising. According to a report, 59% of consumers say personalization influences their shopping decisions and 91% are more likely to shop with stores that send recommendations.

These advanced analytics tools are incredibly useful in helping stores keep track of product demand in addition to keeping their shelves stocked. Behavior insights can also help grocers make informed decisions on how their stores should be organized to guide customers to the products they need faster. But retailers also need to invest in analytics software that merges insights across all stores and platforms, and that’s where retail technology partners come into play.

Investing in advanced data analytics is yet another way stores can make the shopping experience frictionless for their customers. As more grocery stores adapt to emerging technology, there is an increasing need to invest in smart analytics too. Get a full picture of your customers’ buying habits through STCR’s innovative software solutionsRequest a demo to see how STCR can help optimize your online store today!