Electronic shelf labels engage shoppers and deliver retail accuracy

Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) have come a long way since their origins as simple, passive price displays. Today, ESLs are helping retailers optimize customer experience and increase store accuracy and efficiency. 

They can be a vital shopper touchpoint, providing a portal for product information and an engaging and user-friendly way to connect shoppers to promotions and loyalty programs. Customers can interact with an ESL and visit a microsite about the product, adding value to the shopping experience at each label.

By connecting operators to store analytics, ESLs help store operators increase efficiencies and unlock the potential for greater profits. They can provide real-time data regarding product shelf life and stock levels, then recommend promotions aligned with actual consumer and product data.  

ESLs are transforming the point of sale, improving shopper experience and store profitability. Learn more about ESLs and other innovations in retail from STCR.