Artificial Intelligence Brings Innovation To The Fresh-Food Market

The fresh-food market is making waves in the grocery industry, and shoppers are now choosing stores that offer fresh and healthy food options. In fact, they’re willing to drive up to 11 more minutes and pay 4% more to support a store that aligns with their values. Yet, having fresh products can cause grocers to waste more food in the long run if grocers aren’t careful. So what’s the solution? To invest in artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline supply management and optimize the fresh food shopping experience for shoppers. 


An example of this strategy can be demonstrated by grocers using AI technology for their new “smart” salad bars concept. The innovation includes a digital food freshness system, digital labels, smart cooling algorithms and displays to communicate with customers. Each salad container uses a QR code that can be scanned to check how long the ingredients have been out for and to signal when refills are needed. This technology-forward solution not only addresses the strong demand for healthy, customizable food but also food waste concerns.

It’s estimated North American retailers are losing more than $70 million to waste each year. With grocery technology, stores can collect data on consumption and product performance to help improve supply management efficiency. Knowing what items need to be restocked, which products are selling well and what fresh food items are expired is a game-changer for many retailers. The companies utilizing AI say the innovations help cut down on food waste and reduce labor, thus increasing overall profitability. 


It’s no secret adding digital touchpoints to your store can help streamline shopping for your customers. Now, incorporating AI solutions into the mix can not only help attract shoppers seeking fresh food items but also increase supply management efficiency. If you’re looking to optimize your store with grocery technology, look no further than the team at STCR. Through unbeatable professional services, STCR can help upgrade your store with smart retail solutions. Let STCR design the best implementation plan for your store’s needs today!