3 Ways Retail Robots Benefit Independent Grocers

Grocery store robots are no longer just the stuff of science fiction or out-of-reach technology only for huge supermarket chains. Today, stores of all sizes can access this transformative technology to collect data and quickly respond to pricing and stock issues without human intervention. Through computer vision, retail robots can help grocery stores of all sizes tap into greater amounts of actionable data, automate processes, and keep stores efficient and safe.

STCR works with Badger Technologies in deploying grocery robots. We shared news of this partnership in 2020, but the tech is ever-evolving; retail robots now provide at least three major advantages to grocery stores:


Pricing compliance is a key benefit of retail automation. Robots can scan products and shelf labels to ensure that customers see the right price when shopping and at the register. With automated pricing compliance capabilities, robots help stores eliminate the tedious manual task of scanning item by item just to verify pricing accuracy.


Out-of-stock issues lead to gaps in sales. Robots can scan shelves throughout the day, quickly detecting the need for shelf restocking, identifying misplaced products, and avoiding manual replenishment list tasks. The inventory management benefits extend beyond grocery stockrooms to the supply chain, leveraging data to prioritize out-of-stock alerts. 


Retail robots can view and assess more than just items on the shelf. The advanced vision capabilities detect and mitigate hazards such as spills, keeping stores safer and cleaner. Recently, Badger announced a new feature that uses UV technology to quickly and efficiently sanitize stores for enhanced customer safety. The technology allows a Badger unit to disinfect 40,000 square feet in two hours, with greater than 99.99% inactivation of the virus that causes COVID-19.

The vision capabilities of retail robotics give grocery retailers a competitive edge while increasing customer satisfaction and ensuring in-store safety. Retail robotics is one of the ever-evolving technologies that STCR makes a reality for grocers. Learn more about Badger and all of the cutting-edge grocery technology offered by STCR.