Two Technologies You Need to Build the Perfect Physical-Meets-Digital Store

There’s a lot of talk today about omnichannel retail, and building a physical shopping experience, but what does this actually mean for your shoppers? People want convenience and value, and often shop at different outlets — both online and in-person — to find it.

According to a pre-pandemic survey, 83% of shoppers visited between four and nine different stores over the course of a year for groceries. 

So, stores are constantly fighting to be that ideal choice for a shopper in any given situation. Physical stores combine the best of both worlds for your shopper, with digital touchpoints driving an in-store shopping experience and providing information, convenience and more options.

QR codes are a valuable tool for bringing the digital world to the shopping aisle. The pandemic reacquainted the public with QR codes, an older technology that rose to the occasion by providing a solution for touch-free restaurant menus. They are popping up more and more, augmenting a physical interaction, such as shopping in a store, or opening the mail, by providing quick access to digital information as scanning the QR code with your phone’s camera opens a website. The in-store applications are many. Looking to promote a special for your meat department? A QR code next to the display of ribeyes can send shoppers to a recipe page or coupons for items to help make a complete meal solution. QR codes can also be used to speed the checkout process on a mobile app, personalize coupons, and more.

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) are another way to bring digital to your in-store customers. These smart shelf tags are centrally controlled, so pricing accuracy is ensured, and they can also display more detailed information on products and specials. ESLs do not require your shoppers to use their smartphones, making the physical and digital divide more seamless.

Both of these technologies can bring the information and convenience of e-commerce to your stores, making for happier, better-connected shoppers that are more likely to make your store one of their favorite stops. And like many innovations and tech trends, they work best as part of a complete retail solutions. STCR’s smart retail solutions help stores build the shopping experience that customers want. Learn more about all of our solutions.