Two Omnichannel Grocery Trends That Help Customers Save Time

More grocery store chains are investing in omnichannel retail solutions to increase sales, attract new customers and strengthen brand loyalty.

In fact, larger grocers who adapted to retail technology trends saw an average growth of 248% in digital sales over the last two years. Each individual has different buying preferences, and integrating methods of shopping can help your store attract a wider range of customers while also saving them time and money.

These retail trends are making waves in the grocery industry right now:


Shoppers can now skip the checkout line with Caper’s smart cart solutions. Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered carts detect items instantly through basket cameras, allowing customers to pay for their groceries directly via a built-in touch screen. Aside from tracking purchases, the cart’s display can make product recommendations and promotional offers to bring the feel of online shopping directly to your store. 

This is a popular solution for those who prefer shopping in-store, but as quickly and efficiently as possible. Not only does this save your customers time, but it can also influence shoppers to stock up on more items during their next grocery store visit. Research shows shoppers who use smart cart technology increase their basket sizes by 10%. That’s a win-win for both the shopper and the retailer.


It’s no surprise product recommendations help shoppers make buying decisions. Some grocers are taking that model to the next level by selling recipe books featuring healthy ingredients customers can purchase in a single touch through QR codes. During the height of the pandemic, QR codes became a popular solution for restaurants looking to eliminate paper menus. Now, they prove to be a valuable tool for bringing the digital world to the shopping aisle (or in this case, the shoppers’ homes). QR codes can even be utilized in-store by sending shoppers to a recipe page or list of promotions.

The recipe book concept not only proves you don’t need to spend a lot of time planning a meal for your family, but it also takes the thought out of shopping for a specific recipe. Another benefit for retailers is that they can easily track what purchases were made from the cookbook to help plan for future recipe ideas and trends.


STCR’s omnichannel technology solutions can help put your grocery store on the map for shoppers looking to save time and money. Like many technology trends, innovations work best as part of a complete retail solution. Let STCR’s smart retail solutions streamline the shopping experience for your customers. Learn how STCR can help optimize your store today.